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Versatile Compact Ultrasound
Terason continues to advance the ultrasound revolution by combining our advanced patented chip technology with an innovative laptop platform and an ergonomically designed user console. Recognized for its system performance and image quality, the Terason t3000 Ultrasound System now provides conventional user controls in a slide out console. The Terason t3000 platform with dual real-time operator interfaces is the optimal choice in a portable Ultrasound system, delivering superior image quality, workflow efficiency, standard network connections and protection for your investment.
Superior Image Quality
Exceptional Clinical Performance
Our world-class imaging performance is achieved through Terason’s patented System-on-a-Chip technology. By leveraging the power of the advanced custom integrated chipset and the very latest in laptop designs, the Apple MacBook® Pro, we have set the benchmark in performance for compact portable ultrasound systems. This combination provides these high-performance features in a highly efficient portable package:
Gold Standard” in image quality
Multi-focal transmit zones
High frame rates
High frequency transducers
Rich color sensitivity for high-resolution imaging
Unmatched Productivity and Efficiency
Workflow Efficiency
Terason recognizes the importance of workflow efficiency and delivers a compact system that does not compromise image quality or functionality. This portable, battery operated, lightweight design combined with a dual real-time operating interface makes the Terason t3000 fast and easy to use in any clinical setting. OneButton™ icon optimization simplifies each exam by adjusting the imaging parameters automatically. The t3000 runs as a Windows application so images, loops and reports can be easily integrated into other PC related software packages with minimal time and effort.
Standardize Networking
The versatility of the Terason t3000 system allows it to be easily integrated into any hospital or physician’s office. The system runs as a familiar Windows® application with standard PC connectivity, offering unmatched productivity benefits:
Intuitive data file management
Vast storage capabilities
Option to integrate with other applications: EMR software, etc.
Built-in wireless and Ethernet connectivity
Simple DICOM export
Bitmap, JPG, AVI
Integrated CD/DVD

Digital photography

Efficient PACS integration
Investment Protection
Terason’s warranty program provides an easy and inexpensive pathway to the latest advances in PC processing, communications, data storage and display technologies. Our on-site training will quickly make the system a productive part of your clinical practice. Terason’s technical support team is available via email or telephone for fast, responsive service. An investment in the Terason t3000 Ultrasound System will maintain its value for years to come.
Experience The Revolution
See for yourself how the Terason t3000 Ultrasound System can change the way you think about compact ultrasound. Contact us at +60127179297 to schedule a demonstration.