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See How Easy It Can Be With
The Terason T3200™ Ultrasound System Designed Specifically For
Musculoskeletal Applications.
Revolutionizing Ultrasound for MSK
Terason takes the pain out of imaging with the next wave of advancements and flexibility in ultrasound
Enhanced image quality and clarity of bony landmarks, muscles, tendons,ligaments, joints and soft tissue in both superficial and deep structures
OmniBeam increases spatial detail and accuracy of curved surfaces
TeraVision’s latest-generation image processing provides refined texture and detail
  Transverse Bicep Tendon
  Right Bicep Tendon
  Needle injection in shoulder
Integration Into Your Busy Practice
Made Easy
Streamline your workflow and leverage laptop computer versatility with the battery-operated t3200 system.
Built-in 1000Mbps Ethernet
802.11n wireless
VGA, and DVI display capable
Integrated CD/DVD
USB 2.0
Open PC architecture
An affordable investment in a Terason system is protected for years to come with fast, responsive remote support, full-coverage warranties, and a comprehensive upgrade path.
To integrate MSK ultrasound into your practice, contact us at +60127179297 to schedule a demonstration.
State-of-the-art transducer technology provides higher frequency imaging across a full range of depths
Seamless MSK-Specific
Exam Protocols
Exam-specific tools right at your fingertips
Quicker and easier documentation
EZ-Viewer simplifies review of studies for referring physicians and patients
Body markers appear on screen
to identify currently selected exam type
  Split-screen facilitates quick identification of problem areas