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The Standard of Care for Bladder Volume Measurement

The BladderScan® family of products consists of portable ultrasound instruments that measure bladder volume. They provide quick, accurate and reliable results.

Because they are noninvasive and easy to use, BladderScan® instruments are an excellent alternative to diagnostic urinary catheterization and a perfect tool to help healthcare providers noninvasively diagnose, manage and treat urinary outflow dysfunction.

BladderScan® Benefits
Prevents unnecessary
Helps prevent undiagnosed urinary retention
Reduces rates of urinary
tract infection
Helps caregivers manage and treat incontinence
Eliminates unnecessary trauma to patients, preserves their dignity and helps improve patient care
Cost effective - saves staff
time and improves job satisfaction
BladderScan® BVI6100
The handheld portable BladderScan® BVI 6100:
Measures bladder volume noninvasively
Provides accurate and reliable results
Takes scans quickly providing test results in a matter of seconds
Is easy to operate, so staff
members can easily learn how to
scan patients quickly and
Allows for exam results and images to be downloaded, viewed and printed using the Verathon™
ScanPoint® imaging service
Is battery operated and can be
calibrated online via ScanPoint®
How BladderScan® Works

The BladderScan® calculates bladder volume using patented VMODE® technology. VMODE® ultrasound is easy to use and comfortable for the patient. When you press the scan button, within seconds, the V MODE® technology measures ultrasonic reflections on multiple planes inside the body and produces a 3-dimensional image. Based on this image, the BladderScan® calculates and displays the bladder volume.

Volume measurements made with VMODE® ultrasound are more accurate than those from conventional 2-dimensional ultrasound, as they are based on a more complex, 3-D image of the bladder.

By implementing the BladderScan® BVI 6100, you can improve the quality of care for patients with urinary problems.

Specifications BVI6100
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